“The Shortlist” was formed by Elijah Parr (drummer) with the intent to write music that was unique, expressive, and authentic. With the recruitment of Nathan Griffin (vocals) in 2016, the two began writing what would become their debut EP, “The Young EP.” The talents of Ryan Teague (bass) and Aron Hawkins (guitar) were added in 2017 to complete the four-piece.

Since the group formed, they have been featured at private events around the world. Notable examples include a performance in Florence, Italy during fashion week for Pitti Immagine Uomo, and a showcase for a group of music and entertainment executives at Blackriver Entertainment, in Nashville, Tennessee, during the Nashville Film Festival.

In addition, the group has been featured on terrestrial and internet radio globally. Texas Christian University’s 88.7 KTCU (located in Fort Worth, Texas) has kept the band’s music in frequent rotation for over a year and continues to do so. They have also been featured on Dallas’ Alternative station 103.7, an Alternative station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and miscellaneous college-radio stations around the country. Internationally, they have been featured on London’s internet “Soho Radio” during the Tony Moore’s Musical Emporium Hour, and on Matt Prater’s “Vision Christian Radio” program in Australia. Recently, their single “1916” was featured on Spotify’s editorial-playlist “Just Good Music” alongside top Billboard-featured artists, and in just a few months garnered over 500,000 streams.

Outside of the traditional music market, the band has made an impression in the world of film and television. They have several music and sync-licensing opportunities in development, and were cast in an ABC Pilot “False Profits” in March of 2018 as a band. They have also had several songs featured in an independent picture entitled “The Favorite”.

The group is working on a forthcoming album.